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Structural and Specialty Steel Detailers

On the leading edge

of technology and innovation in the steel detailing industry. La Crosse Technical Consultants (LTC) supplies superior shop drawings and the latest in 3D modeling to our clients for projects of all scales. LTC's leadership team is recognized as industry leading experts and they have served as keynote speakers at NASCC events in Seattle, Orlando, Dallas, Toronto and also at Tekla events in Las Vegas, and the Philippines as well as the Trimble Dimensions Conference in Las Vegas.

Our history

Since our founding in 1985, our primary goal has been to build strong relationships with the people and companies we work with. And in that time, we've developed a rich history of working in conjunction with some of the industry's leading steel fabricators, general contractors, and structural engineers. We've been able to accomplish this by providing only the most detailed, accurate shop drawings and 3D models with a commitment to intuitive, attentive service. By taking this exhaustive approach, only then can we ensure the complete satisfaction of our clients. To facilitate better project communication with our clients, we've integrated state-of-the-art Tekla Structures modeling software into our detailing process, which puts us at the forefront of the industry's technology. The use of Tekla Structures results in more timely and accurate results, and ensures the precision of the model itself. Ultimately, we view the client as a partner. A partner we plan to work with, not only for one project, but for a lifetime of projects. And in working with us, our clients come to realize the advantages not only extend to them, but their customers as well.

Our offices

Based in the heart of the midwest, our main office is located in Onalaska, Wisconsin. All client interaction and project management takes place out of this location. To offer our clients the greatest level of service at competitive rates, LTC founded TritonTek in 2012. TritonTek is a Philippines based subsidiary of LTC, which is unlike any other offshore detailing firm that fabricators often think of. Built around an employee-centric culture, TritonTek's turnover is extremely low which results in a consistent quality product submitted on time. By utilizing TritonTek's production teams to complement those at our Wisconsin LTC office, we've created an affordable, multi-national approach. By managing all jobs through our Onalaska office, LTC's customers are able to achieve greater value without sacrificing the convenience and piece of mind that domestic detailing offers.


La Crosse Technical Consultants (LTC) is a leading steel detailing firm producing quality shop drawings and 3D models using TEKLA software.

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