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Preconstruction Services

Whether referred to as IPD or another acronym, we are often hired directly by the structural engineer of record or general contractor to produce a BIM model prior to fabricator selection. We also work with fabricators prior to award to produce models used for their estimates.

BIM Coordination

With our model serving as the virtual jobsite, we integrate and coordinate across a variety of trades to identify and resolve clashes early in the project timeline.
Building Info Modeling BIM

BIM Modelling

As part of the BIM team, we use our model to resolve conflicts and issues early in the detailing process. More often than not, our models serve as the virtual jobsites for each project.
connection modeling

Connection Modelling

We work closely with engineers of record and connection engineers to build, connect, and review (in the model) complex steel connections prior to shop drawing production.

Shop Drawings

We produce quality shop drawings to each individual fabricator’s standards and preferences. With knowledge of all common industry machinery, LTC not only creates individualized drawings, but also CNC files which read into our customers’ machinery seamlessly.
Rendering Animation

Additional Services

From model fly-throughs to hosting virtual project design meetings, we offer a variety of additional services that ensure successful outcomes for our clients.

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